Medusa Restaurant

It smells sea at Medusa Restaurant every day .

Here, seafood does not follow the rules. The octopus is sunburned in the hot sun of Milos island, sprinkled with a few spices and baked on the grill or scratched in the saucepan scenting the picturesque bay in Mandrakia. Served soft and delicious in its most famous version. From traditional “sxizakia” - slices of bread sprawled with local tomato sauce - up to the aubergines baked with local Milos’ feta and the authentic Milos cheese “ladotiri”, all the choices stand out for their excellent quality, their excellent taste and the balanced result that simulates the simplicity of the Milos’ cuisine overlooking the endless blue skyline. They all make up a restaurant that knows the art of seafood and offers them freshly after from their fishing by deifying their nutritional value.



The Medusa Restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful and picturesque region 8of Venus Island, in Mandrakia, with unobstructed views of the turquoise sea landscape over the traditional, small settlement with wires and rocky shores. The colors of the sky, the earth and the sea make up the table of your stay in Milos as well as your gastronomic experience next to us! So Medusa Restaurant becomes the quintessence of simplicity and essence... !!!